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Bubble, Bubble, Oils and Baubles!

Bubble, Bubble, Oils and Baubles!

Are you tired of the same old altar décor?

Are you just becoming interested in Wicca and are a little overwhelmed?

Looking for some new pages for your Book of Shadows, or looking to start your first Book of Shadows or Spell Book?

How about a new pendant that represents your faith, or an amulet to bring some needed energies into your life?

Then Caileigh’s Cauldron is the place for you!

We offer…

                ♦             A Wide array of Wiccan Supplies & Pagan wares – we cater to all Paths

                ♦             New and overwhelmed?  We have you covered!

                ♦             Not pagan, but your friend or relative is?  We have a special place just for you!

                ♦             A special ‘Kids Korner’

                ♦              Superior customer service & customer satisfaction guarantee

                ♦             Average product turnaround is less than 1 week

Our belief  at Caileigh’s Cauldron is that the Divine cannot be boiled down to any 1 entity, and my goal of this Metaphysical and Wiccan Supply Store is to offer you products that will aid your journey to your Divinity, no matter who or what that turns out to be.

Here at PaganStuff.com (catchy, huh?) I strive to provide you with a large selection of Pagan and Wiccan Supplies; occult, new age and witchcraft supplies & accoutrements.   

If you’re new to the Craft or are just beginning your studies I suggest looking over our selection of Spell Writing Kits & Spell Supplies.  After casting a ready-made spell or two you’ll feel more confident and be able to create your own spells and rituals.

Everyone should check out the book section – there are so many topics within Wicca and the Occult that it will make your head spin!  There’s Divination, Astrology, Herbology, Crystals, Fairies, Astral Travel – the list goes on and on!

Included in our selection of Wiccan Supplies, Witchcraft Supplies & other Occult Supplies is a Divination section, where you’ll find pendulums, crystal balls, rune sets, scrying mirrors, Tarot Decks and Spirit Boards / Ouija Boards.

To hold your own stash of wiccan supplies we have a nice selection of  both wooden and cold-cast resin Cupboards, Boxes and Chests.

You’ll find all your Ritual Supplies: carved Altar Tables, Altar Cloths, Candles, cast-iron Cauldrons (of course!  It’s in our name!), Chalices, Wands, and Mortar and Pestles.  And of course the most important Wiccan item of all – a Book of Shadows!  We offer many blank Book of Shadows that are just waiting to be discovered.  There is also a rather large-ish selection of Book of Shadows parchment/pages – great for those just starting out!

We have Spell Supplies, Spell Kits and Ritual Baths. 

Our Wiccan Supplies even includes some unique and ornate ritual and casual wear – we’ll have you decked out in style!

If you’re looking for metaphysical supplies you’ll find Crystals and Fountains.

And if you’re looking to proclaim your faith to the world we carry a selection of beautiful Wiccan Jewelry and Pagan Jewelry.

So as you can see, whether you specialize in Wiccan practices or are just becoming interested in the occult, we have something for you.  Just follow our links to the right and they will take you to what you’re looking for.  Or try the search box – and if all else fails, just ask!

As PaganStuff.com is a fairly new Wiccan Supply site I will be adding items almost daily.  If you’re looking for something in particular – especially a book title, aromatherapy scent or essential oil – email me and I’ll let you know if I have what you need.

I want to be your One Stop Wiccan Supply Shop!!


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